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Web Applications

We develop custom and extremely complex web applications, after a detailed feasibility analysis, in order to computerize and automate every type of business management procedure you need.

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System Integration

We automate the connection between different IT systems that are not communicating with each other, through the development of customized procedures that will eliminate the need for manual intervention and reporting.

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Payment Processing

We develop customized accounting and payment systems for your business, even with split payments, using API programming interfaces of digital payment methods such as PayPal and credit cards.

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Marketing Automation

We automate the segmentation of your customers, in order to provide them a targeted communication on the interests through the use of tools of marketing automation such as Active Campaign and messenger bots.

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Cloud Development

We develop customized, scalable and high-performance cloud infrastructures for your business, with high data security standards compliant to the best disaster recovery and business continuity criteria.

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Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies

We provide consulting services, development and implementation of payment solutions dedicated to the acceptance of the most common cryptocurrencies for ecommerce and customized business platforms.

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Give order to your organization. Give a form to your company


Create your application in cloud to manage business processes and analyze information.
Discover the gold mine you've always had in front of your eyes

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You have it in front of your eyes. Our website, for example, is created with Web Presence Pro, our highly professional content management system specialized for the internationalization of small and medium businesses. Entirely made by our development team.


Dialogue always helps. Even among computer systems


We know that this means having to do a lot of manual work.
At least until we intervene

Automate data export and processing

If you use two or more management systems that don't communicate with each other, quite often the solution is the creation of a third platform that exports the data of the other systems and processes them in order to provide automatically the results that till now you calculate manually. Do you think this is what you need?


We develop your customized payment gateway


At least this should be the user experience when payment has to be done

Is this the result you want to achieve ?

We create any accounting or payment procedure for your customized management system, by using the API programming interfaces of payment gateways such as PayPal or the systems provided by your bank in order to accept credit cards. Do you want an example of our skills? Take a look on Blue Cashflow, our accounting system in cloud dedicated to payments and billing automation, made entirely by our development team.

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Strategic Consulting & Mentoring
We provide to startups and SMEs with turnover up to 10 milion euros multi-disciplinary strategic consulting, mentoring and the tools to compete in the premium segment.
Premium Marketing Agency
We help companies to develop marketing and communication strategies aimed at the positioning in the premium segment of their market niche.
Tax Planning, Fintech and Cryptocurrencies
International tax planning, project financing, registration of trademarks and patents, formation of holding companies and consultancy on fintech and cryptocurrencies.
Business Development and Export Management
We help the Italian industry to export Made in Italy in the world through a global network of temporary export managers and business developers.
Business Development & Consulting
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